10 Insider Tips to Disney!

Are you planning a trip to go to Disney soon? Let me give you a warning!  There is a lot you can miss if you don’t prepare ahead of time.  Today I am going to ease a little of your stress.  Here is a list of 10 things you need to be aware of!

  1. Did you know you can make dinner reservations 180 days in advance? Avoid hours of waiting to be seated, so you can spend your time having fun!restaurants in kissimmee
  2. Plan your trip during the off season! Not only that but plan your days in Disney for weekdays.  You will be amazed at how fewer people there are!   And fewer people means shorter lines!
  3. If you want to watch the parade, you will need to plan your spot at least 30 minutes early. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see a thing!
  4. Plan before you go what you want to do! Including getting your fast passes early!  And know where you want to go so you don’t waste your time wondering around aimlessly.
  5. Did you know if you are celebrating something special you can get a button that tells the cast? If you are celebrating, be sure to wear your button!  If you are lucky, you might get some special treatment!
  6. Arrive early! Plan, and get there when the gates open!  Guarantee yourself some time before the lines get crazy long!
  7. Did you know at “Club Cool” you can get free drinks? True story! Daily the staff provides samples of Coke products from different countries! Quench your thirst and learn some interesting facts at the same time!
  8. Do yourself a favor and do not miss the Festival of The Lion King in the Animal Kingdom. There is usually several showings each day.  And it is worth the wait!  The story of The Lion King is brought to life in their interactive live theater!
  9. Know where things are! There is no avoiding it! At some point during your day of fun, there will be a bathroom emergency, a starving child or a need for cash!  Become familiar with the map before you arrive, so you don’t have to slow down!
  10. Pack light, and save souvenir shopping for the end! Don’t waste your day lugging around a ton of stuff you don’t need. And in case you didn’t know if you purchase large items you can have them mailed home for you!  So go ahead and buy that life-size Goofy!  Everyone needs some Goofy in their lives!

So don’t forget!  Your trip is about making memories and having fun!  Keep these tips in mind, plan well and most importantly…. Have Fun!!!!

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