Top 5 Things to Do in Kissimmee

The amazing thing about Kissimmee is that it is not as famous as New York City, Miami or Chicago, but it isn’t much behind those world-famous cities regarding attractions and things to do. Whether you are a family guy traveling with your kids and spouse or an adventurous tourist from the other side of the world, you can bet Kissimmee will not disappoint you. Here are the five best things you can do in Kissimmee to make it an experience to remember for life.

1.    Go-Karting and Roller Coaster Riding at Fun Spot America

If you have come to Kissimmee with your kids, this is the place you would want to visit first. Fun Spot America takes themes parks, and fun rides to the next level. While the sky coaster manages to take a lot of attention from people, the entertainment value of go-karts goes through the stratosphere. If you did not know, the SkyCoaster here is one of the world’s tallest offering you a drop of 300ft. You also get to park your vehicle for free here.

2.    Getting Close to the Wildlife at Gatorland

Do your kids love alligators? Have you ever wanted to have a closer look at some giant sized and unique species of alligators? Don’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting this wildlife preserve with the rare white alligators. Once you are in there you are surrounded by thousands of alligators—don’t worry you are safe. You have the boardwalks and observation towers to keep your distance from the alligators. And there is now a zip-line ride that passes over pools full of alligators too.

3.    Taking a Stroll at Lakefront Park

When you want your kids to have fun and take a dive into nature yourself, Lakefront Park of Kissimmee is the most suitable place. This spot is the best place for those who love to photograph the setting sun. Picnic shelters are available here. You can also enjoy some delicious barbecue here with your family.

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4.    Taking a Helicopter Tour

What can be more thrilling and exciting than viewing the world from the eye of a bird? There are many different flight options available regarding the duration of the flight. The longest flight you can take is 25 minutes long. Imagine the experience of being able to see the Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and the beautiful Butler Lakes. It is breathtaking and a memory you will always cherish.

5.    Kayaking at Shingle Creek Regional Park

This place offers you another chance for you to get closer to nature and also show the adventurous side of your personality. Roaming the waters of the lakes surrounded by armies of trees and listening carefully to the quietness of nature, this is the experience that people living in busy cities crave. Make this park your last place to visit since it will be a great opportunity for you to refresh your senses and unwind your body after a long trip.

While there are dozens of other places to go to and have fun at in Kissimmee, I have tried to make my list as diversified as possible. I have included places that are great for kids and attractions that are more appealing to adults. You will get a chance to enjoy the electrifying human-made rides and also have the opportunity to feel nature in its true essence.  If there is something, you want me to add to the list, use the comment feature below to let me know. It’s free to comment and give your feedback and makes me want to bring even more useful information to you.

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